As the institution managing Horizon2020 - the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2014-2020 - our project proposal was scored as a high-quality one in a highly competitive evaluation process

Sofia, BG: Today, Berger Neurorobotics, a Bulgarian-Danish startup that develops future-tech hardware and AI-based products, is proud to announce that it has received another recognition award, this time delivered by the European Commission.

Following evaluation by an international panel of independent experts, Berger Neurorobotics’ project 827029, A.T.E.C.H. “Claire Cognition - The Most Innovative Wearable for Emotional and Cognitive Wellbeing” was scored as a highly-quality proposal in a highly competitive evaluation process. This means that the project successfully passed all stringent Horizon2020 assessment thresholds for the 3 award criteria required to receive funding from the EU budget Horizon 2020.

According to the official Proposal Evaluation Form of the project, the company’s application document passed all the three evaluation criteria as follows:

1) Criterion #1 - Impact: total score of 4.35 (Threshold 4/5.00). It includes the following aspects:

-> the extent to which the outputs of the project would contribute to the expected impacts mentioned in the work programme under the relevant topic;

-> enhancing innovation capacity;

-> strengthening the competitiveness and growth of companies and create new market opportunities;

-> address issue related to climate change or the environment, or bring other important benefits for society.

2) Criterion #2 - Excellence: total score of 4.45 (Threshold 4/5.00). It includes the following aspects:

-> clarity and pertinence of objectives;

-> credibility of the proposed methodology;

-> soundness of the concept, including appropriate consideration of interdisciplinary approaches, and where relevant, use of stakeholder knowledge;

-> extent that the proposed work is beyond the state of the art, and demonstrates innovation potential.

3) Criterion #3 - Quality and efficiency of implementation: total score of 4.70 (Threshold 4/5.00). The following aspects were taken into account when evaluating the project:

-> quality and effectiveness of the work plan, including the extent to which the resources assigned to work packages, are in line with their objectives and deliverables;

-> complementarity of the participants and the extent to which the consortium as a whole brings together the necessary expertise;

-> appropriateness of the allocation of tasks, ensuring that all participants have a valid role and adequate resources in the project to fulfill that role.

The total budgeted costs of the proposal account for €71,429, €50,000 of which was grant requested while the rest - self-financed by the team itself.

“Although we did not receive the requested amount of €50,000, we’re proud that our efforts were so highly praised by the European Commission. The awarded certificate means a lot to us as it proves that our project is actually investable and it increases the value of the entire company”, says the company’s management team.

Berger Neurorobotics’ team will re-edit and re-apply for the programme again before the next cut-off date passes (September 5th, 2018). Until then, the team will focus their efforts towards raising a pre-seed round of investment, an activity that they were executing on in the past several months.

About Berger Neurorobotics: Berger Neurorobotics is a high-tech Bulgarian-Danish startup for personal health and welfare. The company creates wearable devices and machine learning technologies that understand physiological signals and help people improve their wellness.

About Horizon2020:  Horizon2020 it the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020) - in addition to the private investment that this money will attract. It promises more breakthroughs, discoveries, and world-firsts by taking ideas from the lab to the market.

About the “Seal of Excellence” award: the “Seal of Excellence” is the high-quality label awarded to projects submitted to Horizon2020 which were deemed to deserve funding but did not receive it due to budget limits. It recognizes the value of the proposal and supports the search for alternative funding.


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