As part of the Advisor Track, we will be a member of a group of about 25 companies with an expert advisor with whom we will meet regularly during the course

Sofia, BG/Copenhagen, DK/Mountain View, California: Today, after evaluating the company’s application as a promising one, Berger Neurorobotics is welcomed to join the exclusive online program delivered by Y Combinator. The course will begin on August 27, 2018, and it will last over the following 10 weeks through the end of October.

For the first time, Y Combinator is going to give $10,000 in equity-free funding to 100 of the most promising companies that join and complete the course. These companies will also receive a video interview with a YC partner later in the year for advice or aid in applying to a future YC batch.

In addition to that, startups receive:

1) Discounted payment processing by Stripe and an invitation to Stripe Atlas to incorporate and open a company bank account;

2) $50,000 in credits to a variety of services appointed to Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services, Clerky, and more;

3) The Startup School community network: access to an advisor specially assigned to the startups with whom they can meet on a weekly basis.

Lectures will be taught by YC partners and industry leaders, as the entire course format and program can be viewed here.

Last year, over 13,000 companies applied to participate in the Startup School, of which 2,800 were chosen to participate. 1,587 (56%) of the companies completed the course and since then, 38 of them have been accepted to the core Y Combinator program and received YC funding.

“As the program is extremely competitive, we’re happy to be invited to join and participate”, says Berger Neurorobotics team. “We definitely look forward to starting the classes, gain further knowledge of how to develop our product strategy, and get introduced to YC partners directly. Moreover, because we’re overly motivated by being provided this opportunity, we intend to do such a good job so that we can win a $10,000 grant additional funding”.

About Berger Neurorobotics: Berger Neurorobotics is Bulgarian-Danish future-tech startup that creates and patents commercial wearable technologies that are utilizing physiological data and are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

About Y Combinator: Y Combinator is an American seed accelerator that has spawned a number of highly successful companies and is consistently ranked at the top U.S. accelerators. Y Combinator provides seed funding for startups and gets them to the point where they build something impressive enough to raise money on a larget scale.

About the Startup School: the Startup School is a 10-week online course designed for any startup founder who would like to get help through the earliest, most difficult challenges of starting a company.




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